My Experience as An Online Course Creator (So Far)

My Overall Journey

Hey guys, if you have been following me here at GoKoders, you know that I’ve been busy setting up my new online course website, where I cover all sorts of programming topics, ranging from Java/Spring, to Git, Devops and Machine Learning as well.

I think it’s going to be an awesome place for developers to come and learn all sorts of development topics via my online courses, and I’m looking forward to having it running at full speed and getting you guys all the courses that you asked me!

It’s been quite a huge challenge to create a brand new online course business from scratch, so I just wanted to take a moment to share my experience so far.

The thing is, I knew that becoming an online course creator was not going to be easy, and I’ve been doing it since 2016. 

I even have two courses on Udemy that have been doing OK, I’ve had over 2500 reviews so far, not too shabby at all if I can say so myself 😉

I’ve learned through the years that becoming an online course creator has a lot more to it than I anticipated. 

The thing is, being a course creator involves having to wear a bunch of different hats at the same time

I feel like I have to be a mix of an online teacher, a content creator, an internet entrepreneur and an internet marketer all at the same time, for this to work well.

Those are all very different skills, but I really need to be proficient at all of them for this to work, there is no way around it.

It’s not just about keeping up with technology or creating the course content, that is only one aspect of it. As a course creator, I have to find a way to build my audience and grow it over time, that is one of my main concerns.

So this involves content creation skills like blogging or YouTube. Then I have to learn how to teach things in an effective way to my students, learn how to create helpful courses, that’s another side to it.

Once the course is ready, I need to find a way to publish it and sell it. Creating my own website is of course not a problem to me, as I’m a developer, but I imagine that it could be the case for a lot of people.

Then I need to get my content found by my audience, so I also have to wear a social media and SEO hat, in order to get traffic to my website.

Then, I need to learn what works in terms of selling online courses, I need to know how to price them, and how to put together an offer that is appealing to you guys.

So it’s a lot of things, all at the same time. I could of course find bits and pieces of this information spread all over the internet, but I already spend so much time taking care of my business and keeping up with technology.

Anyway, I was searching everywhere for all of this information, and I was especially searching to know how all of this applies to course creators specifically.

My Recent findings

I kept searching until eventually I stumbled upon what is now my main source of education as an online course creator these days, that I want to share with any other course creators out there.

I’ve found a lot of useful information and practical tips on this series of in-depth guides on course creation from the Course Creator Academy.

These guides are pure gold, no fluff just stuff, I highly recommend them to any other online course creators out there, both experienced or just getting started.

I also got lots of direct personalized help from their community to all of my questions, so that’s another thing that helped me a lot.

I am still looking for other sources of information, but so far this is the most actionable advice that I got for things like how to set up my membership website, how to create courses that my students will love, etc.

If there are any other course creators out there, please share what are the main forums and communities that you use to learn about how to create an online course business?

OK, I hope this helps some other course creators get started in their journey. In the next couple of weeks, I’ll be rolling out my new Git course, so you want to stay tuned for that on my newsletter.

Cheers guys and talk to you soon,


Bibhash Roy

Bibhash Roy

Bibhash is a hardened Software Developer and Professional turned entrepreneur with more than two decades of rich industrial experience in Sotware Engineering & Architecting. However, he is passionate about teaching whatever he has learned in his career spanning an array of prestigious stints at large multinational Software Giants.

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